Our seven grape varieties originate from a blend of very old growth vine clones, brought to the area through the centuries, from various European vine regions, by traveling vineyard workers. The vines have long since adapted to the rocky Berici conditions, and retained their unique old world character. Most vines are over 100 years old, and careful measures have been implemented to preserve them through the generations. 

Composed of a single 20 acre plot, the vineyards are situated 200 meters above the Po' Valley, basking on a sunny hilltop, and dotted with woods and valleys which provide a variable micro-climate for each plot.

No irrigation is used, forcing the roots deep into the earth. The vines are planted in a poor red clay and rocky limestone soil, which is tilled sparingly. The local fauna is protected, and the insect and wildlife populations create the base for a healthy, integrated and vibrant vineyard life.  The main source of fertilizer comes from seasonal sheep grazing, and humus created by mowing the wildgrass.



These 50 year old Chardonnay vines surround an old stone tower on a hilltop (il rocolo), and descend gracefully into a shallow valley, surrounded by tall trees. The variations created by the slightly different ripening time of the grapes creates a complex balance between the young acidity in the valley and overly ripened hilltop section. The character is further marked by fermenting the juice on the skins, letting the fermentation reach relatively high temperatures, in order to extract tannins and firmly imprint varietal aromas. The wine is matured in french oak barrique to undergo micro-oxygenation, and to prolong contact with the fine sediment depositing in the bottom of the barrels, which aid in naturally stabilizing the wine.

Complex and pleasing aroma with marked varietal characteristics of honey, vanilla, strawberry and pineapple. Accompanies sharp cheeses, gorgonzola, flavorful fish dishes, cold meats and antipasti. Uncork 30 minutes before serving. 14% alc.

Riva Olivaro, Cabernet

This vineyard comprises 100 year old vines of Caberent Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere grapes. The 2 acre plot surrounds the manor house and spans a broad hilltop, receiving full sunlight throughout the day. This Cabernet blend is the last variety picked during the harvest, often seeing the first foggy days of October. The hardy skins protect the grape bunches from adverse humidity.

After fermentation the wine is racked and left on the lees for 10 months, followed by up to 18 months of fining in french oak barrique. The wine is then bottled by hand at low pressure, directly from the barrel.

Dry with bold fruit flavors and hot spices, aroma of cranberries and black pepper. Serve with grilled meats and vegetables, wild game, lamb, rich salads and antipasti. 13% alc.

la vigna vecia, tocai rosso

The Tocai Rosso vineyard contains the oldest surviving vines on the vineyard, some may approach 150 years old. This variety of Tocai Rosso is indigenous to the Colli Berici, although it was recently deemed to be related to the French 'Grenache' and Sardinian 'Cannonau', and these two in turn are tied to the Spanish 'Alicante' grape variety. However, the particular Tocai Rosso clone residing on the property has distinct traits of wild rasberry and red fruit flavors that are unique to the old growth Colli Berici vines, which have practically disappeared in the area, having been replaced with modern variations of Grenache and Cannonau.

Tocai Rosso recently changed its name officially to 'Tai', after Italy lost a dispute with Hungary over claims to the name (the Hungarians have a white grape called 'Tokay').  We consider our old-growth vines exempt from this dispute. We have retained the Mother plants of our Tocai Rosso by selecting shoots from the oldest and hardiest survivors of these centurion vines, as well as cultivating the indigenous root stock for grafting to these shoots.

The plots occupy high ground, providing the driest conditions possible to these thin skinned and compact bunches, with large, light purple berries. Tocai Rosso does not create very dark wines, tending to a rather intense red ruby color, with maraschino cherry aromas, and pleasantly tart current and nut flavors. 

The wine is fined sur-lie 10 months, then racked and aged in French oak for up to 12 months. Serve with pasta, antipasti, all fish dishes, especially salmon; also Middle Eastern and spicy foods, serve at room temperature (or slightly chilled in summer). 14% alc.


Amedeo Bruzzo was born in 1915, on a hilltop in Orgiano, just 500 meters from the vineyard site. He married a young and talented seamstress, Adelina Granziero, they raised nine  children through the years of the 2nd World War. During the War he served as Marsciallo of the Montecchio-Maggiore Carabinieri (a military police force) at the time under service to the Axis regime. A notoriously concrete and apolitical man, after the 1945 Armistice he negotiated with the retreating German forces for the release of hundreds of partigiano prisoners. Throughout his life, Amedeo was a jovial spirit with a sharp wit, who played guitar and sang, and was always the life of the party.

Overlooking Montecchio Maggiore are the castles of Romeo and Juliet, the inspiration for the original literary legendary saga between the Montecchi and Capuleti, later adapted and made immortal by Shakespeare in the English version, first performed in 1596. While visiting the area it is easy to envision how the dramatic Dolomite landscape, with misty valleys, the opposing castles, would lead poets and artists to the depicting of myths and legends.

Deep berry and spice aroma, and elegant red fruit character. The perfect accompaniment served with lamb, duck and beef at room temperature. Uncork 45-60 minutes before serving.    13.5% alc.



Merlot does particularly well in our iron-red soil, creating dark and intense wines, apt for long periods of aging. The name describes the geological feature of this bowl-like valley, that contains a natural culvert allowing for water drainage (called a 'Sperugola' in Italian dialect). Merlot benefits from the more gradual maturation provided by shaded areas of the valley in the late afternoon, helping to preserve aromas.

Matured sur-lie 10 months, the wine is then racked, and aged in french oak for up to 24 months.

The color tends to inky opaque purple. The full-bodied taste is a complex balance of red fruit, licorice and chocolate with a long velvety finish. 13.5% alc.








la costiera, sangiovese

Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Tocai Rosso blended and vinified to emphasize the red fruit flavors contrasting the black pepper, signature of Cabernet Franc. A Ca' Bruzzo original blend that can't be found anywhere else. "La Costiera" is the name given to this century old single vineyard located on a broad hillside providing both sun and wind keeping the tightly-knit Sangiovese grape clusters dry.

Medium bodied dark purple and an intense chocolate covered cherry aroma. The Sangiovese provides the backbone and vibrant acidity, Merlot and Cabernet bring the color and structure, and a small percentage of Tocai Rosso adds a dimension of fruity tartness.  

After destalking and crushing, maceration takes place for 12 days in stainless steel vats. Matured sur-lie (on the sediment) for 10 months allows for spontaneous malolactic fermentation to take place. The wine is then racked, fined with egg white and transferred to French oak barrique for 18 months of aging after which it is bottled without filtering. Serve with lamb, beef, grills and pasta at cellar temperature. 13.5% alc.